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Less than 25 Cents a Glass – Milk is a Nutritional Bargain

Since the end of 2012 when the big media story (aside from the fiscal cliff) was the dairy cliff and the Farm Bill, one of the first questions we in the dairy industry are asked by consumers, friends, family and business partners is, “Is the price of milk going to go up?”

The simple answer is we don’t know – with the fate of the Farm Bill and the Dairy Security Act in limbo, there’s no clear answer. But the most important reality is, regardless, fluid milk is still (and likely always will be) one of the best nutritional buys you can get.

At less than an average of 25 cents per 8-ounce glass, milk packs a powerful protein punch and includes nine essential nutrients including calcium, potassium and phosphorus, and vitamins A and D. Try getting all that for the same value with any other beverage in stores right now…

Currently, in the Western Dairy Association region of Colorado, Montana and Wyoming, we have seen little change in the price of a gallon jug of milk. Which means in our area, consumers are actually getting their nutrients for even less than that national average of 25 cents a glass – in many cases, it’s actually closer to 19 cents.

So why not choose milk? Keep in mind, on average Americans consume only about two servings of dairy daily. Adding just one serving of dairy every day can help Americans get the nutrients they need in an easy and affordable way.

The bottom line is that milk is high in nutrition and one of the best economic values in the grocery store. That’s truly the most important message for families to remember.

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